Reindeer Games
This is mostly a personal website on which I keep track of my progress in games.

I felt it would be handier to have all this data in one place rather than in files strewn all around my computer.
Feel free to use the lists here for yourself as you're playing through a game. I try to keep all my pages as complete as possible, so nothing will escape my collectathon.

Latest Updates
The Big 2015 Update & Clean-Up
General site updates:
- Menu overhaul. It is now a site-wide menu, rather than the page-specific menu I was using before. This makes a lot of things easier for me.
- Due to the menu change, the specific sections for Golden Sun, Persona, and Team Fortress 2 have been removed.
- All games in the "Other Games" section (along with the three removed sections) are now sorted by console, rather than being put onto one big page.

Updates in the Metal Gear section:
- Added Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes. Pages updated to latest progress.
Updates in the Pokémon section:
- Added Pokémon Omega Ruby and updated to latest progress.
Updates in the Project Diva section:
- Updated Project Diva F 2nd pages to latest data.

Updates in the 3DS section:
- Animal Crossing New Leaf: Updated the Calendar by removing redundant items.
- Luigi's Mansion 2: Added section, updated as much as possible for now.
- Persona Q: Added Personas and Requests pages.
- StreetPass Mii Plaza: Updated to latest progress.
Updates in the Wii U section:
- Hyrule Warriors: Added the Gold Skulltulas and Heart Containers subsections. Updated all pages to latest game data and progress.
- Mario Kart 8: Updated pages to latest game data and progress.
Updates in the PC section:
- Team Fortress 2: Split the Cosmetics pages into separate pages for classes. Updated the Cosmetics, Other Items, Strange Items and Weapons pages to latest data. Removed several pages. Some pages are still in need of an update.